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Kingsway International College Network

Financial Obligations - Two Year Degree

  1. The beginning cost of becoming an Affiliate Bible College is $600.00.
  2. The yearly renewal fee will be $150.00.
  3. KICN and KU&TS are not liable for any financial obligations incurred by any Local Affiliate College.
  4. All fees are subject to change each calendar year.
  5. KICN is not liable for any insurance coverage, accidents, injuries or any other situation that the Local Affiliate College may incur.
  6. KICN reserves the right to revoke this agreement due to unethical practices or deviations from this contract whether it be moral, doctrinal or illegal. In such cases there will be no refunds. Notification of a revoked contract will be sent in writing 30 days before it takes effect.

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